Pilot Awards

Pilot Project Application

• Funding up to $25,000
• Duration of 1 year
• Application due March 26th, 2021

CHOSEN is a University-wide Center that seeks to engage talent and resources from across Columbia University’s Schools and Departments to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment implementation of substance use disorders in the context of health disparities and social inequalities. The center holds a particular focus on opioid use disorder and the opioid epidemic currently afflicting the U.S. and much of the rest of the world. 

Specifically, the purpose of CHOSEN is to bring together multidisciplinary expertise across Columbia University in an effort to combat substance use and all of the intricately related constructs within, including implementation of and access to treatment in the context of social, gender, and racial inequalities. Our goal is to focus attention on the barriers that impede access to high-quality evidence-based treatment in underserved and underrepresented populations, in part by training the next generation of diverse addiction researchers and clinicians who are dedicated to improving substance use disorder treatment. More information on our Center can be accessed by visiting our website: https://chosen.columbia.edu.

In partnership with our funding collaborators (Columbia University School of Social Work; the Department of Psychiatry, New York State Psychiatric Institute; Columbia University Irving Medical Center; the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center; Columbia University Information Technology; The Brewster Foundation; Irving Institute for Clinical and Translational Research), CHOSEN is soliciting pilot projects to support research ranging from prevention and discovery to implementation of novel treatment approaches for substance use disorders and their common psychiatric and health comorbidities, in the framework of health disparities and social inequities. This includes the use of emerging technologies like AR/VR. Pilot proposals should support preliminary research and data collection that could form the foundation for larger federally funded grants. Successful proposals will be those that articulate a long-term vision for such program development and funding. Considering that a mission of CHOSEN is to address health inequities and disparities in treatment development, access, and implementation, proposals will also be critiqued on their capacity to address these issues and thereby should include a statement describing how the proposal will address this effort (e.g., addressing a range of populations in a variety of settings). Up to five proposals will be funded.

Interdisciplinary collaborations are a critical focus, with the goal of driving new partnerships within the University. Proposals encouraged are those that are innovative and multi-disciplinary, drawing ideas and talent from across two or more Schools or Departments, and bringing their diverse perspectives to engender research that is truly innovative to address addiction.

Please check back soon for information on the next application cycle.

2021 CHOSEN Pilot Project awardees